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Pick a court proceeding - at random, that you are involved in, or because you are interested in a particular attorney, judge, courthouse, witness, type of litigation, or case reported in the Media -  and request the audio recording using the form provided at the Judicial Website.  

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Share the audio recording with Court Shares© where it will be incorporated into a library and cross-referenced for ready-access by other Court Shares© members. Each audio shared and authenticated by a Judicial Website order form will provide the sharer one-month access to Court Shares©.

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Share your experiences in  court transparency and government  accountability in a Members Only discussion forum.

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For Additional Recordings - go to this link at American  News and Information Services.

State of CT v. Marcus Holloway - 2018 11 02 (mp3)


State of CT v Jennifer St. Pierre-Veari 2018 11 08 (mp3)


Joseph W Kaminsky Jr v. Mark A Palmer 12-3-18 (mp3)


American News 9th Circuit Appeal

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered American News and the County of San Diego to file a supplemental letter briefs addressing whether the May 28th 2019 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Nieves v. Bartlett impacts the case on appeal of American News v. Gore. The parties submitted letter briefs on June 24th 2019.  


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